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Me Emilie Dazé

Me Emilie Dazé

Emilie Dazé stands out for her listening skills, her empathy and her pragmatic approach. Her goal is to use common language to make her work accessible and involve her client every step of the way.

From the beginning of her career, Emilie followed a specialized rather than a generalized path, in order to deepen her knowledge and thus offer superior-quality legal services. Therefore, she chooses to focus on fields of practice where people are at the heart of the matter. She is particularly fond of multidisciplinary files which involve several professionals (accountants, tax specialists, lawyers, etc.) since she enjoys teamwork and believes that two heads are better than one.

Emilie Dazé works with you in order to find bespoke solutions adapted to your needs while following the law.

  • Bachelor’s degree, Commerce – HEC Montréal 2010
  • Bachelor’s degree, Law – Université de Montréal 2015
  • Master’s degree, Notarial law – Université de Montréal 2016

Young division of the Fondation de l’Hôpital regional de Saint-Jérôme

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Our expertise.

  • Step by step Accompaniment of the liquidator
  • Appointment/replacement of the liquidator
  • Settlement of a succession without a will
  • Verification of a non-notarial will
  • Declaration of transfer of movable and immovable property
  • International succession
  • Renunciation of a succession

Did you know? You can name Mtre Emile Dazé as your succession liquidator. It is a very interesting option for those who don’t have a person to whom they can entrust the task. Also, if the family’s context is fragile or the heritage of the deceased is complex, it is the preferred solution.

Protection of incapacitated persons2020-10-20T14:05:01-04:00
  • Homologation of a protection mandate
  • Opening of a protective supervision (tutorship to adults / curatorship)
  • Constitution of a tutorship council
  • Support of the attorney / curator / tutor in his role of representative
  • Request to sell the property of an incapable adult
Guardianship of the minor2020-10-20T14:05:38-04:00
  • Appointment of a guardian
  • Constitution of a tutorship council
  • Authorizations to sell the property belonging to the minor
  • Support for the tutor step by step
Family law2020-10-20T14:05:56-04:00
  • Wills
  • Protection mandate
  • General or specific power of attorney
  • Wedding celebration
  • Wedding contract
  • Agreement between de facto spouses

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